Today in History - October 2nd. 1921 - William II, King of Württemberg

On February 25th. 1848 a boy was born in Stuttgart (then capital of the Kingdom
Württemberg). The boy received the name William (in German: Wilhelm).

Source picture: Wikipedia

His parents were Prince Frederick of Württemberg and Princess Catherine
of Württemberg.

On February 15th. 1877 William married Princess Marie of Waldeck and Pyrmont
(elder sister of Emma en Helena). They had 3 children, 1 survived childhood.
Princess Marie died in 1882 (aged 24) from complications resulting from the birth
of her third child.

On April 8th. 1886 William married Princess Charlotte of Schaumburg-Lippe.
With his second wife he had no children. 

source picture: Wikipedia

When William's childless maternal uncle, King Charles I of Württemberg died,
he succeeded the throne of Württemberg. 

There he founded the Württembergische Yacht Club in 1911 and he gave the 
order to build the Wilhelmspalais in Stuttgart.

In 1918, after World War I, William was deposed from the throne just like 
other German rulers. 

He died on October 2nd. 1921 without any male heirs. The leadership of the
House of Württemberg was taken by Albrecht, Duke of Württemberg.
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