Today in History - October 4th. 1585 - Anna of Tyrol

On October 4th. 1585, a notable member of the House of Habsburg was born.
She received the name: Anna of Tyrol.

Anna of Tyrol - Source picture: Wikipedia
original painting in the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna

Her parents were Ferdinand II, Archduke of Austria and Anne Juliana Gonzaga.

On December 4th. 1611, Anna married her first cousin Matthias, 
Holy Roman Emperor in Vienna. 
Matthias was then already over fifty. Besides the difference of age, her husband's 
father, Maximilian II, Holy Roman Emperor, was the brother of Anna's father.

In 1617 Anna of Tyrol and her husband founded the Capuchin Church in 
Vienna. There they wanted to be buried. Since then most of the 
Holy Roman Emperors and Empresses were buried in the Capuchin Church.

Anna of Tyrol died on December 14th. 1618.

Source picture: Wikipedia
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