Treetuesday picture - Blausee in Switzerland

My tree tuesday picture of this week was taken in 2010 near the Blausee (Blue Lake)
in Switzerland.

Travel Blausee Blue Lake Switzerland
own picture - Blausee

Although the Blausee has its own history i liked the legend very much.

Once upon a time there was a maid who lived close by the lake. She fell in love
with a shepherd. The two shared romantic moments near the lake under the 

Unfortunately the shepherd fell of a cliff and died. The maid took a boat and
rowed to the middle of the lake to mourn her loss. One morning, her parents
saw that the boat of their daughter had sunk with the maid on the bottom of 
the lake.

Since then the lake changed its colour into a deep blue shade, the same colour
of the eyes of the maid. 

I really hope you enjoyed the pictures and the short story. The Blausee really is
a hidden gem near Kandersteg in the Berner Oberland Region in Switzerland.

Of course, I'd like to wish you all a very good Tuesday!

Travel Blausee Blue Lake Switzerland
own picture
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