Royal Destination - Bodrum Castle - Turkey

My Treetuesdaypicture was taken last week at the Bodrum Castle also known
as the Castle of St. Peter.

Travel Bodrum Turkey
Bodrum Turkey

The Bodrum Castle was built in 1404 by a German knight architect 
Heinrich Schlegelholt. The first walls were completed in 1437.

Travel Bodrum Turkey
Bodrum Castle - Castle of St.Peter - Turkey

Like always with castles built by the Knight Hospitaller, each langue of the
order had its own tower.

The English Tower was finished in 1413 and there you can see the coats of
Henry IV of England. 
King Henri IV of England - Source picture: Wikipedia

Travel Bodrum Turkey Castle
Bodrum - Turkey

At the castle there was a beautiful garden with special combination of trees 
and flowers, as you can see on next picture.

Travel Bodrum Turkey Castle Trees
Bodrum Turkey

So, this was my treetuesday picture and a small history story of the
Bodrum Castle. I also hope you enjoyed this blogpost.
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