Today in History - November 14th. 1866 - Miguel I of Portugal

On October 26th. 1802 a noble boy was born in Lisbon, capital of Portugal.
This boy received the name: Miguel.

Miguel I of Portugal - Source picture: Wikipedia

His parents were João of Portugal and Carlota Joaquina of Spain.
Although some sources pretended that Miguel was the son of Carlota and
one of her alleged lovers. Nevertheless King João always considered 
Miguel as his son.

In 1807, at the age of 5 Miguel accompanied the Portuguese Royal Family
on their transfer to Brazil, due to the invasion of Napoleon in Portugal.

As a child Miguel was spoiled by the Queen and her entourage. Later he
admired Prince Klemens Wenzel von Metternich.

In 1823 he was the head of a contra revolution, who broke out in Vila Franca.
Miguel declared his support for an absolutist monarchy. He wanted to be the 
King instead of his father. This plan failed and he exiled to Vienna.

On March 10th. 1826 Miguel 's father died and his brother, Pedro became
King of Portugal. However he stayed in Brazil and his daughter Maria
was appointed as the new sovereign of Portugal.

On July 3rd. 1827 Miguel returned to Lisbon in order to become the new
regent (Maria was seriously ill at that time), during the trip from Vienna to
Portugal he made a stop in London, where he met English noblemen.

On January 13th. 1828, Miguel left London and moved to Portugal.
He arrived in Lisbon on February 22nd. But there were a few conditions
Miguel should marry Maria (when she was old enough) and he should
accept the liberal constitution.

On March 13th. 1828 he dissolved the Cortes, which caused huge protests.
Miguel appointed himself as King of Portugal, but his reign wasn't recognized
by many countries.

On May 26th. 1834, Miguel was forced to abdicate after a bloody civil war,
which took place between 1828 till 1834.He exiled first in Italy and
later in Germany. He never returned to Portugal.

At the age of 48, in 1851 Miguel married Princess Adelaide of 
Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg. They had one son and 6 daughters
(who married all very well), but that's another story.

Miguel died on November 14th. 1866 in Esselbach (Württemberg) in
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