Today in History - November 18th. 1772 - Prince Louis Ferdinand of Prussia

On November 18th. 1772, a boy was born.
He received the name Prince Louis Ferdinand of Prussia.

Prince Louis Ferdinand of Prussia - Source picture: Wikipedia

His parents were Prince August Ferdinand of Prussia and Elisabeth Louise of

He married the catholic countess Marie Adelaide de la Grange. They had a son
together. Prince Louis Ferdinand also had a illegitimate son, who was
called Ludwig von Wildenbruch.

Prince Louis Ferdinand had a military career, but he was interested in music
too. He was a gifted musician and composer. Even Ludwig von Beethoven
dedicated his Third Piano Concerto to him, as a sign of high esteem for his
piano playing. 

Unfortunately Prince Louis Ferdinand of Prussia died on October 10th. 1806
at the age of 33, during the battle of Saalfeld.
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