Today in History - November 24th. 1615 - Philip William, Elector Palatine

November 24th. 1615 marks the birth of Philip William of Neuburg
at the New Palace in Giessen (Germany).

Philip William, Elector Palatine - Source picture: Wikipedia

His parents were Wolfgang Wilhelm, Count of Palatine and Neuburg
and Magdalene of Bavaria.

Philip William was a member of the noble House of Wittelsbach.
As a child he lived in Düsseldorf and Neuburg.

From 1630 plans were made to find a suitable wife for him. Finally
he married on June 8th. 1642 Anna Catherine Constance Vasa of Poland,
daughter of King Sigismund III of Poland. She brought a considerable
dowry in jewels and cash.

On July 18th. 1645, Anna Catherine gave birth to a son,
who died the same day. She died on October 8th. 1651.

On September 3rd. 1653 Philip William married Landgravine Elisabeth
of Hesse-Darmstadt. They had 17 children together and the marriage 
was extremely happy and lasted 37 years.

In 1685 Philip William inherited the Electorate of the Palatine from his
cousin. This region changed from Protestant to Catholic territory. But
there were more interested people for the area.

The Duchess of Orléans, sister-in-law of King Louis XIV of France 
wanted the region too. This marked the start of the Nine Years War.

Philip William, Elector Palatine died on September 2nd. 1690 at the
age of 74 during a visit in Vienna.
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