Today in History - November 27th. 1630 - Sigismund Francis, Archduke of Austria

On November 27th. 1630, Sigismund Francis was born at Innsbruck in Austria.

Sigismund Francis, Archduke of Austria -
Source picture: Wikipedia

His parents were Leopold V, Archduke of Austria and Claudia de' Medici.

In 1662 Sigismund Francis became Archduke of Further Austria and Tyrol
after the death of his brother Archduke Ferdinand Charles.

Further Austria or Anterior Austria were the early possessions of the 
House of Habsburg in the former Swabian stem duchy in south west
of Germany, including the Alsace region and in Vorarlberg.

On June 3rd. 1665 Sigismund Francis married Hedwig of the Palatinate-
Sulzbach. Unfortunately he died on June 25th. 1665.

With his death the younger Tyrolean line of the House of Habsburg ended.
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