Today in History - November 3rd. 1220, Urraca of Castile, Queen of Portugal

In May 1187 a girl was born. She received the name Urraca of Castile.

Urraca of Castile - Source picture: Wikipedia

Her parents were Alfonso VIII of Castile and Eleanor of England. She also had
important maternal grandparents: King Henry II of England and
Eleanor of Aquitaine.

As always with such a genealogy, an appropriate suitor was important.
Urraca was considered as a possible bride for Louis VIII of France, but he
married Urraca's sister Blanca, also called Blanche.

Finally, in 1206, Urraca married Alfonso, who became later King of Portugal.
They had 5 children, 4 of them survived childhood.

Urraca died on November 3rd. 1220 in Coimbra (Portugal). She was buried
in the Alcobaça Monastery.
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