Today in History - November 4th. 1669 - Ferdinand Maximilian, Hereditary Prince of Baden-Baden

On September 23rd. 1625, a boy was born in Baden-Baden ( a spa town in
southwestern Germany). The boy received the name Ferdinand Maximilian.

Source picture- Wikipedia

His parents were William, Margrave of Baden-Baden and 
Catherina Ursula of Hohenzollern-Hechingen.

On March 15th. 1653 Ferdinand Maximilian of Baden-Baden married at the
Église Saint-Sulpice in Paris, Princess Louise Christine of Savoy.

This marriage wasn't successful because Princess Louise refused to leave the
French Court. Although on April 8th. 1655 she gave birth to a son, who was
called Louis William of Baden-Baden. He was named after his godfather,
the French King Louis XIV.

Ferdinand Maximilian gave order to smuggle his son (then 3 months old)
out of France to raise him in Baden-Baden. So, Louis didn't grew up by his 
mother but by the second wife of his paternal grandfather.

On November 4th. 1669 Ferdinand Maximilian died due to an hunting
accident in Heidelberg.