Today in History - November 7th. 1773 - Princess Anne Charlotte of Lorraine

On May 17th. 1714, Princess Anne Charlotte of Lorraine was born at
Château de Lunéville in Nancy (France).

Princess Anne Charlotte of Lorraine - Source picture: Wikipedia

Her parents were Leopold, Duke of Lorraine and his spouse Élisabeth Charlotte
d'Orléans (her mother was the niece of Louis XIV of France and sister of
Philippe II, Duke of Orléans).

When Anne Charlotte was seven and a half she went to the French Court of her
maternal family, the Royal House of Bourbon. There she met her grandmother the
Dowager Duchess of Orléans, also called the Princesse Palatine. Her grandmother
said that Anne Charlotte was 'A little beauty'.

In 1725, the parents of Anne Charlotte hoped that their daughter would marry
King Louis XV of France, who was during that time just 15 years old but instead
of Anne Charlotte, Marie Leszczynska was chosen as bride for the monarch.

In 1726 Louis d'Orléans, nephew of the Duchess of Lorraine became a widower
and he was then 23 years old. This plan failed too.

On May 10th. 1738, Anne Charlotte was made the Abbess of the prestigious
Remiremont Abbey.

In 1754, by the age of 30 Anne Charlotte was made the Secular Abbess of the
chapter of Noble Ladies of the Saint Waudru of Mons. She went thus to Belgium.

On November 7th. 1773 Anne Charlotte died in Mons at the age of 59. She was
buried at the Ducal Crypt in Lorraine at the Église Saint-François-des-Cordelier.
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