Tree tuesday picture - Antwerp - Belgium

The Royal Tree Tuesday picture of this week was taken in 2014 near the
Bonapartedok (in English: dock).

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Bonaparte dock Antwerp Belgium


The amazing  Bonapartedock is located in Antwerp, Belgium.



The Bonapartedok has a:

217,40 length
174,87 width

A Royal Place

In 1811, the French Emperor, Napoleon Bonaparte, gave the order to build
this dock 'as a pistol on England'.

On August 10th. 1903 it was named after the emperor.

A funny detail:near the Bonnaparte dock in the east, the Willemsdock is
located. This dock was named after King William I of The Netherlands.

To visit

This place is located near the Scheldt in Antwerp. Antwerp is easily
accessible by public transport. The railway station is about 20 minutes
away (by walking) from the Scheldt.  
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