Today in History - December 15th. 1447 - Albert IV, Duke of Bavaria

In Munich Albert IV, Duke of Bavaria, was born on December 15th. 1447.

Albert was a son of Albert III, Duke of Bavaria and Anna of Brunswick -
Grubenhagen - Einbeck.
Albert IV - Duke of Bavaria - Source picture: Wikipedia 
Author picture: Kmorozov

From 1467 Albert IV was Duke of Bavaria - Munich. In 1503 he became
duke of the reunited Bavaria (after the death of his brother Duke Sigismund).

In 1487 Albert IV married Kunigunde of Austria (daughter of Frederick III,
Holy Roman Emperor, and Eleanor of Portugal). They had 8 children.

The negotiations for this wedding weren't without any problems. 
Frederick III, Holy Roman Emperor didn't like it all that his daughter should
marry Albert IV. That the two finally could marry was a result of 
intrigues and deception. 

First Albert IV took control of some imperial Fiefs (heritable properties).
Then he asked Kunigunde to marry him. That was possible because she
lived in Innsbruck  - far away from her father.

In 1506 Albert IV edicated the succession law. Every firstborn prince could 
be the heir of the complete Bavaria.

Albert IV died on March 18th. 1508 in Munich. There he was buried in the

Own picture  of the Frauenkirche in Munich

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