Today in History - December 18th. 1718 - Grand Duchess Anna Leopoldovna of Russia

December 18th. 1718 marks the birth of Grand Duchess Anna Leopoldovna
of Russia. This took place in Rostock (northern Germany).

Grand Duchess Anna Leopoldovna - Source picture: Wikipedia

Her parents were Catherine Ivanovna of Russia and Charles Leopold,
Duke of Mecklenburg.

In 1722 Anna arrived in Russia after her mother escaped and separated
from her father. 

In 1733 Anna converted to Orthodox religion. Then she took the name
Anna Leopoldovna, which made her an acceptable heir to the throne.

In 1739 she married Anthony Ulrich, son of Ferdinand Albert, 
Duke of Brünswick - Wolfenbüttel. He was already since 1733
in Russia. This gave Anna the opportunity to know him.

On October 5th. 1740 Anna proclaimed her new born son, Ivan,
as heir to the throne. Five days later the empress died. 
Anna Leopoldovna became regent.

However in 1741 there was a coup from Elisabeth, daughter of 
Peter the Great and she became Empress of Russia.

First Anna and a lot of members of her family were taken
captive, later a few of them, could exile. Anna had to move to
Kholmogory. There she died on March 19th. 1746. 
Anna Leopoldovna only became 27 years old.
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