Today in History - December 26th. 1618 - the intelligent Elisabeth of the Palatinate

On December 26th. 1618, Elisabeth of the Palatinate (also known as
Elisabeth of Bohemia) was born in Heidelberg (Germany) as a daughter of
Frederick V, Elector Palatine and Elizabeth Stuart.

Source picture: Wikipedia

After the overthrow of Frederick V, Elector Palatine, Elisabeth spent her
earliest youth in Berlin,where Elisabeth 's grandmother Juliana, a daughter 
of William of Orange, took care about her.

Elisabeth was known for her intelligence, some people called her 'The Greek'.
She spoke multiple languages fluently, including Latin. She liked the classical
languages very much.

Besides her interest in languages, Elisabeth received an education in history,
geography, mathematics and fine arts such as painting, dancing and poetry.

Elisabeth completed her education in Leiden (The Netherlands). Later she
moved to The Hague, where her parents kept a quiet court.

However Elisabeth's hunger for knowledge wasn't satisfied yet.
She started a correspondence with many renowned intellectuals and
contemporaries of her time. She wrote letters inter alia with Descartes, 
William Penn and Anna Mara van Shurman (the Dutch Minerva).

In 1667 Elisabeth became princess-abbess of Herford Abbey. There she
performed her duties very well.

Elisabeth struggled with a painful illness for many years. She died on
February 11th. 1680 at Herford Abbey. 
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