Today in History - December 3rd 1800 - French Victory at the Battle of Hohenlinden

The Battle of Hohenlinden was fought on December 3rd. 1800 during the
French Revolution Wars.

Battle of Hohenlinden - Source picture: Wikipedia

The French army was led by Jean Victor Marie Moreau. A coalition army of
Austrians and Bavarians was led by Archduke John of Austria.

This battle took place at Hohenlinden, which is now located around 33 km
in the east of Munich (Germany). 

In February 1801 the Austrians had to sign the Treaty of Lunéville.
They also accepted the French control up to the Rhine and the French puppet
republics in Italy and the Netherlands. 

There also is a poem called Hohenlinden, which was created by 
Thomas Campbell. The first verse is:

On Linden, when the sun was low,
All bloodless lay the untrodden snow;
And dark as winter was the flow
Of Iser, rolling rapidly.

Even the American city of Linden, Alabama was named in honor of this
battle. The county's first European settlers were exiled French Bonapartists.

As you can see, history is just everywhere ...
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