Today in History - January 19th. 1889 - Birth of Sophie Taeuber Arp, who became one of the most important artists of Switzerland

On January 19th. 1889, Sophie Taeuber Arp was born in Davos (Switzerland).
Her parents were Emil Taeuber and Sophie Taeuber-Krüsi.

Sophie Taeuber - Source picture: Wikipedia

When she was two years old, her father died of tuberculosis. After his death,
all the family moved to Trogen, where her mother opened a pension.

Sophie Taeuber began her studies at the School of Art in St. Gallen. Later she
studied in a workshop in Munich, at the School of Arts and Crafts in Hamburg.
She also attended the Laban School of Dance in Zurich.

In 1915 at an exhibition of the Tanner Gallery, Sophie met the avant-garde
artist Jean Arp. The two married in in 1922 and she changed her last name in

From 1916 till 1920 Sophie Taeuber-Arp started with textile and graphic works,
she designed puppet costumes and sets for the theater as well.

In 1926 the talented couple moved to Strasbourg in France. There they both
took the French nationality. In 1927 they wrote together a book called:
Design and Textile Arts.

From the late 1920's Sophie and her husband lived in Paris. They continued
experimenting with design.

In 1930 Sophie was a member from the Cercle et Carré, a group of abstract
artistis who lived in and around Paris.

By the outbreak of World War II, in 1940, the couple moved to Grasse in
Southern France. During a visit to Switzerland in 1943, Sophie died. She
became 53 years old.


Sophie Taeuber Arp is the only woman on the current Swiss bank notes!
Since 1995 her portrait is on a 50-franc note.

Nowadays many museums around the world have showed her work
inter alia:

Museum of Contemporary Art (Chicago);
Museum of Fine Arts (Houston);
Museum of Modern Art (New York). 
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