Today in History - January 20th. 1292 - Elizabeth of Bohemia

January 20th. 1292 marks the birth of Elizabeth of Bohemia.

Elizabeth of Bohemia - Source picture: Wikipedia

Her parents were Wenceslaus II of Bohemia and Judith of Habsburg. When
Elizabeth was five years old, her mother died. Six years later her father
remarried. This time he chose a Polish Princess called Elizabeth Richeza of
Poland. Wenceslaus II gained then the King of Poland.

At the age of 13, Elizabeth of Bohemia became an orphan. Her father died and
her brother was assassinated.

In 1306 the marriage question of Elizabeth of Bohemia became important.
In September 1310 Elizabeth finally married John of Luxembourg, he was
the son of Henry VII, Holy Roman Emperor. The coronation of John and
Elizabeth took place in 1311.

At the beginning the marriage was a disaster because Elizabeth needed to
give birth to a son. Six years after her wedding she gave birth to the later
Holy Roman Emperor, Charles VI.

The marriage became worser and Elizabeth grew jealous of John, who had
different political opinions than her.  John took the eldest children away from
Elizabeth 's custody. Charles VI never saw his mother again ...

Totaly isolated and abandoned by all, Elizabeth left Bohemia and exiled to
Bavaria. John did not send Elizabeth any funding during her exile. Later she
had to return to Bohemia with her youngest children.

In 1330, at the age of 38, Elizabeth of Bohemia died of tuberculosis.
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