Today in History - January 2nd. 1819 - Maria Luisa of Parma, Queen Consort of Spain

In Parma (Italy) a very noble girl was born on December 9th. 1751.
That girl received the names Luisa Maria Teresa Anna but she became famous
as Maria Luisa of Parma.

Maria Luisa of Parma - Source picture: Wikipedia

Her parents were Philip, Duke of Parma and Princess Louise Élisabeth
of France (daughter of King Louis XV of France).

Maria Luisa of Parma was educated by Étienne Bonnot de Condillac, a
well known French philosopher. 

Her mother tried to engage her to Louis, Duke of Burgundy, heir to the
French throne but he died in 1761. One year later, in 1762, Maria Luisa
became engaged to Charles, Prince of Asturias, heir of the Spanish
throne, who reigned as King Charles IV of Spain since 1788. The two
married in 1765. They would have 14 children.

In Spain Maria Luisa had well known rivals like the Duchess of Alba
and the Duchess of Osuna and even her sister-in-law Maria Carolina,
Queen of Naples.

There were gossips that Maria Luisa had many love affairs, but the
evidence that she had lovers, was never found. Due to these gossips and
her pro French political policies Maria Luisa's reputation was very bad.

In 1792 the Order of Queen Maria Luisa was founded on her request.
This Order was given only to women!

In 1808 Charles IV and his wife, Maria Louisa were forced to abdicate
by Napoleon.

Maria Luisa of Parma, the abdicated queen consort of Spain, died on
January 2nd. 1819 at the Palazzo Barberini in Rome. She became 67
years old.

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