Today in History - January 30th. 1889 - Death of Crown Prince Rudolf of Austria

Crown Prince Rudolf of Austria was born on August 21st. 1858 in Laxenburg
(near Vienna in Austria).

Crown Prince Rudolf of Austria - Source picture: Wikipedia

Crown Prince Rudolf was the only son of Emperor Franz Joseph I and
Empress Elisabeth of Austria (Sisi). 

On May 10th. 1881 Crown Prince Rudolf married Princess Stéphanie of
Belgium, daughter of King Leopold II of Belgium.This marriage wasn't happy at all. 
Crown Prince Rudolf found soulace in drink and other women.

In 1887 Rudolf bought Mayerling Hunting Lodg.
In 1888 he met the 17-years old Barones Marie Vetsera.

On January 30th. 1889 they both were found dead in the Mayerling Hunting Lodge.
After the death of Rudolf, the Mayerling Hunting Lodge was transformed into a 
convent where the sisters could pray for Rudolf's soul.

Crown Prince Rudolf was buried in the Capuchin Church in Vienna. 

However, this tragedy still causes a lot of questions and rumors. 
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