Today in History - January 5th. 1425 - Henry IV of Castile

On January 5th. 1425, Henry IV of Castile was born in Valladolid
as the son of John II of Castile and Maria of Aragon.

Henry IV of Castile - Source picture: Wikipedia

In 1440 Prince Henry celebrated his first marriage to the infanta
Blanche, who became later Queen Blanche II of Navarra. In that
year Henry was only 15 years old! The marriage had been agreed
in 1436 as part of the peace negotiations between Castile and

In 1453, bishop Segovia Luis Vázquez de Acuña annulled
their marriage on grounds of Henry's sexual impotence due to a

Later Henry wanted to marry Joan of Portugal. Because they were
cousins, Pope Nicholas V had to give his agreement for this marriage.

Their wedding was celebrated in May 1455 and finally on
February 28th. 1462, the queen gave birth to a daughter called:
Joanna la Beltraneja.

This birth became a cause for gossips - Was Henry the father?

Henry died in 1474 and he was buried at the
Santa Maria de Guadalupe, next to his mother.
He was succeeded by his half sister Isabella.
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