Today in History - January 8th. 1874 - Princess Elisabeth Marie of Bavaria and her wonderful love story

January 8th. 1874 marks the birth of Princess Elisabeth Marie of Bavaria.

Princess Elisabeth Marie of Bavaria

Her parents were Prince Leopold (in German: Luitpold) of Bavaria and
Archduchess Gisela of Austria. Princess Elisabeth Marie had three siblings:
one younger sister and two younger brothers.

In Love

On November 2nd. 1893, Princess Elisabeth Marie married
Otto Ludwig Philipp von Seefried auf Buttenheim.

This wedding took place at Genoa (Italy) and wasn't known by the family
because the lovebirds would never receive an official permission.

First of all, Otto had a lower rank than Princess Elisabeth Marie.
Secondly he also was a protestant while the Bavarian Royal Family was Catholic.
The official announcement of the wedding was made by letter.

This horrified Elisabeth's parents, especially her father, Prince Leopold. It took
years to recover their relationship. Due to efforts made by Archduchess Gisela
(Elisabeth's mother) and Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria (Elisabeth's grandfather)
the marriage was accepted.

Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria wrote to his wife, Sisi, that he wasn't happy
with the marriage at all, but princess Elisabeth Marie had shown character, 
courage and strength.

The secret marriage turned out to be a happy one. The couple would have five

Princess Elisabeth Marie of Bavaria died on March 4th. 1957 in Gresten (Austria).
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