Today in History - January 9th. 1939 - Johann Strauss III

Johann Eduard Strauss was born on February 16th. 1866 in Vienna, capital of Austria.

Johann Strauss III - Source picture: Wikipedia

His parents were Eduard Strauss and Maria Klenkhart. As member of the famous
Strauss family he was entrusted with the task of upholding the family's tradition
after the desolution of the Strauss Orchestra in 1901. Therefor the family Strauss 
dominated the Viennese light orchestra world for decades.

On April 17th. 1894, Johan Strauss III married Maria Emilie Karoline Hofner.
They would have 4 children.

Initially Johann Strauss III was beter known for his conductor capacities than 
for his composings.

Although his later work like Op. 40, or the Coronation Waltz became very 
famous.This was played on the Coronation of King Edward VII on 
August 9th. 1902.

On this youtubelink you can listen to this beautiful piece of music.

He died on January 9th. 1939 in Berlin (Germany).
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