Tree Tuesday Picture - Citadel of Dinant in Belgium

My Tree Tuesday picture was taken several years ago when I visited Dinant. This
is located in the southern part of my country: Belgium.

Citadel Dinant Belgium travel
own picture - Dinant

At the picture you can see of course trees and an Aerial Tramway. This was the
easiest way to 'climb' the citadel. Unfortunately I never like those things and I
had to climb all those stairs :-) The citadel of Dinant also played an
important role in the History.

Citadel Dinant Belgium travel
 own picture - Dinant

In the 11th. century emperor Henri IV granted several rights over Dinant to
the Prince Bishop of Liège, including market and justice rights.

Due to its strategic location near the Meuse they needed a citadel to protect
the city against enemies. In 1051 there already was a structure.

In 1466 the city and the citadele were destroyed by Charles the Bold.
800 citizens were thrown in the Meuse and the city was in fire.

But the city raised again from its ashes. After Charles the Bold, the
rights of Dinant were violated by the French, the Austrians and by
the two World Wars.

With this piece of History I'd like to wish you all a very happy
Tuesday and a good week!
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