Tree Tuesday picture near the Votive Church in Vienna, capital of Austria

My Tree Tuesday was taken in 2011 during a visit to Vienna, the amazing
capital of Austria.

Votive Church Vienna Austria History Royal Travel
own picture - Votive Church - Vienna

Readers of this blog already know, that I like trees especially in an urban
environment and that is here certainly the case. 

The Votive Church, which you can see on the picture has a very special royal
history related to members of the House of Habsburg.

In 1853 Emperor Frans Joseph of Austria escaped from a attempted 
assassination. His brother Archduke Ferdinand Maximilian wanted to thank 
God for saving the Emperor's life.

The church was inaugurated in 1879, when Emperor Frans Joseph celebrated
his silver wedding anniversary with Empress Elisabeth of Austria (Sisi).

With this post, I'd like to wish you all a very good Tuesday and a wonderful
rest of the week.
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