Today in History - February 6th. 1664 - Sultan Mustafa II

Mustafa II was born on February 6th. 1664 at the Edirne Palace.
His parents had been Sultan Mehmed IV and Valide Sultan Mah Para

Mustafa II - Ottoman Sultan - Source picture: Wikipedia

Mustafa II became ruler of the Ottoman Empire on February 6th. 1695.
On December 8th. 1703 he abdicated in favor of his brother Ahmed III.


Mustafa II became famous for his wars against the Habsburg Empire.
In these wars the Ottoman Empire lost many of its territory inter alia:
Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia.

During the reign of Mustafa II, the signature of the sultan appeared for
the first time on coins.

At home

This sultan of the Ottoman Empire married several times and had
several children too.

Spare time

Under the pseudonym "Ikbali" Mustafa II wrote some poems.


Mustafa II died on December 28/30 1703 at the Topkapi Palace in
Constantinople (now Istanbul).
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