Happy Weekend Picture - Minnewater in Bruges - Belgium

My Happy Weekend picture was taken several weeks ago in Bruges, Belgium.

Bruges Belgium

Travel Middle Ages Bruges Minnewater Park Belgium
Own picture - Minnewater Bruges + castle

At the picture you can see the Minnewater, a very romantic place in Bruges.
You can also notice the castle de la Faille.

This neogothic castle was built in 1893 to a design by Charles De Wulf for
a florist Leon De Wulf. This Leon De Wulf also was a man who served in
the executive board of the municipal of Bruges.

Travel Middle Ages Bruges Minnewater Park Belgium
castle de la Faille - Bruges - own picture

In 1980 the castle de la Faille was purchased by the city of Bruges.
From 1996 it is a protected monument.

With this post, I like to wish you all a very Happy Weekend. 
Thank you for reading my blog, your nice comments, the likes 
and the reshares!
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