Today in History - March 13th. 1716 - Princess Philippine Charlotte of Prussia

March 13th. 1716 marks the birth of Princess Philippine Charlotte of Prussia.
This event took place at the Stadtschloss in Berlin (German Empire).

Philippine Charlotte of Prussia - Source picture: Wikipedia

Familie Ties

Her parents had been King Frederick William I of Prussia and his wife
Sophie Dorothea of Hanover.

The next chapter proves how close the family ties are between the
Royal Families in Europe  

Coat of Arms - House of Hohenzolleren

Princess Philippine Charlotte of Prussia was the sister of inter alia:
King Frederick II of Prussia;
Queen Louisa Ulrika of Sweden.

Her mother was a daughter of King George I of Great Britain.
Princess Philippine Charlotte was a niece of:
King George II of United Kingdom;
Anne, Princess of Orange;
Queen Louise of Denmark and Norway.


On July 2nd. 1733 Princess Philippine Charlotte of Prussia married Duke
Charles of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel. They would have 13 children.

More about her

Princess Philippine Charlotte of Prussia was described as subtle and
very well educated.

She even worked on an epitome of the philosophical writings of
Christian von Wolf in French.

She also liked the work of Salomon Gessner (poet) very much.

Finally Princess Philippine Charlotte left to the Wolfenbüttel library
her own collection which were more than 4,000 volumes.


Princess Philippine Charlotte of Prussia died on February 17th. 1801.
She was buried in the Cathedral of Brunswick.

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