Today in History - March 2nd. 1855 - Nicholas I of Russia

Nicholas I of Russia was born on July 6th. 1796 in Gatchina, which is now
located 45 kilometers from St. Petersburg.

Nicholas I of Russia - Source picture: Wikipedia

His parents had been Paul of Russia and Sophie Dorothea of Württemberg.
As child, Nicholas was not brought up to become the emperor of Russia
because he had two elder brothers Alexander I and Constantine Pavlovich.

On July 13th. 1817 Nicholas married Charlotte of Prussia in the chapel
of the Winter Palace. She took the name: Alexandra Feodorovna. They
would have 11 children.

When Alexander I died suddenly of typhus and Grand Duke Constantine
refused the crown, he became the Tsar of Russia on December 1st. 1825.
But some members of the military tried to decline Nicholas' power.

Finally Nicholas' reign started on December 14th. 1825 which was
a Monday and the Russian superstition held that Mondays were
unlucky days.

1838 marks an important progress too. In that year the first Russian
railway (between St. Petersburg and the Tsarskoye Selo residence) was
opened.The second railway was between Moscow and St. Petersburg.

In 1848 Tsar Nicholas feared the uprisings which took place in Europe
and he ordered a lot of repressions.

Nicholas I on a ball - Source picture: Wikipedia

Besides that the Russian culture was flowering in literature and art.
Ballet and classical music became more important too.

Nicholas died on March 2nd. 1855 during the Crimean War. He
caught a chill and refused a medical treatment. His official
death cause was pneumonia, although there were rumors that he
commited suicide.

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