Today in History - March 9th. 1842 - First performance of the famous opera Nabucco

On March 9th. 1842 the premiere of the famous opera Nabucco took
place at the Teatro alla Scala in Milan (Italy).

Nabucco original costume - Source picture: Wikipedia

Nabucco is a four acts opera composed by Giuseppe Verdi in Italian.
It is based on biblical stories from the Book of Jeremiah and the Book of Daniel.

'Thus said the Lord, Behold, I shall deliver this city into the hand of the
King of Babylon, and he will burn it to fire.'

The premiere of Nabucco was a colossal success. Numerous Italian
and foreign theaters put the opera on their performance schedules.

Nabucco libretto from 1842 - Source picture: Wikipedia

On March 3rd. 1846 Nabucco's first performance in London took
place in His Majesty's Theatre. Although in the United Kingdom the
name Nabucco was changed in Nino.

Nowadays, Nabucco is still frequently heard around the world and
the best known number is the 'Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves'.
You can listen to this song on next youtube link
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