Tree Tuesday Picture - The Olive Tree: a great symbol

My Tree Tuesday picture was taken during a holiday in 2013 in Corfu.
This was the favorite Isle of Empress Elisabeth of Austria also called Sisi.

Olive tree Greece Corfu Travel
Tree Tuesday - olive tree own picture

I always am fascinated by the Olive Tree because it was the symbol of the whole
Mediterranean area during ancient times and it played an important role in the
Greek mythology.

The origin of the Olive Tree in Athens is even explained through the intervention
of the Goddess Athena (daughter of Zeus and Metis). Athena was a warrior Goddess
whose attributes were the spear, helmet, owl and the olive tree.

Generally the olive tree symbolises peace, prosperity and hope.
It is also present in many traditional religious celebrations.

Olive tree Greece Corfu Travel
Olive Tree - own picture

Today it is still used as an important symbol. You even can see an olive
branch on the Great Seal of the United States.

Source picture: Wikipedia
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