Tree Tuesday Picture with the Reichstag building in Berlin

My Tree Tuesday Picture was taken in 2013 during a visit to the wonderful
city of Berlin.

Reichstag Berlin Germany Travel
Reichstag Berlin - own picture

After the Unification of Germany (1871) the parliament needed a bigger building.
So, Emperor William I ordered to build a new one. The first architectural contest
was in 1872 but conflicts between William I, Otto von Bismarck and members of
the Reichstag delayed the construction.

In 1882 another contest took place, with 200 architects participating. This time
the winner was Paul Wallot, who came from Frankfurt. His project was executed
between 1884 and 1894. 

When William II was forced to abdicate in 1918, the Reichstag stayed the
building of the parliament in the Weimar Republic.
On February 27th. 1933 a huge fire took place. After World War II the
building was seriously damaged. 

However between 1961 and 1964 the reconstruction of the building took 
place (after another contest). 

Until 1990 the Reichstag was used for occasional and representative 
meetings. In 1991 Berlin became the 'new' capital of Germany instead 
of Bonn and since 1999 it is used again as parliament.

Nowadays, many people across the world visit the Reichstag and Berlin.
Berlin really is a big city, which I like a lot. It is a good mix of history,
shopping and culture. 
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