My Tree Tuesday picture, taken in Remich, Luxembourg

One of the most amazing Rivers in Europe is the Moselle.
the Moselle flows in France, Luxembourg and in Germany. Near
the stream there are a lot of beautiful places, areas and even castles!

This time I chose an old picture of me, taken in 2007 during a visit
to Remich. Remich is a lovely community, with a city status.

Moselle in Remich own picture

This picture shows trees and the Moselle, which is here the natural
border between Luxembourg and Germany.

The history of Remich started in the time of the Romans. They had
at the same place a settlement, called Remacum. Later it was transformed
to the name Remich.

In the 8th century Pepin the Short, King of the Franks, donated his
estate 'Hof Remich' to the Benedictine St. Maximin's Abbey in Trier.

Unfortunately, in 882 the Normans destroyed the settlement. This happened
again in 1687, where the city fortifications were demolished by the army
of King Louis XIV of France.

Bridge over the Moselle in Remich own picture

In 1866 the first bridge over the Moselle was built. This bridge was
demolished during World War II. Finally in 1958 a new bridge was constructed,
which still stands today.
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