Today in History - April 13th. 1229 - Louis II, Duke of Bavaria or the man who didn't trust his wife

April 13th. 1229 marks the birth of Louis II, Duke of Bavaria.
His parents had been Otto II Wittelsbach, Duke of Bavaria and
Agnes of the Palatinate.

Louis II of Bavaria - Source picture: Wikipedia

By the death of Louis's father Otto in 1253, Bavaria was devided.
He received the Palatinate and Upper Bavaria, while his brother
Henry XIII received Lower Bavaria.

On August 12th. 1254 Louis married Maria of Brabant. Their
marriage should last 2 years and they would have no children.

In 1256 Louis accused his own wife of adultery. Therefore she
even was beheaded.

According to many tales Louis had been away from home for
a long time for state affairs. His wife Maria wrote two letters:
one to her husband and one to a friend. Those letters had been
given to the wrong person ...

Later Louis gave the order to found the Fürstenfeld Abbey near
Munich as penance for his act.

In 1260 Louis married Agnes of Glogau, they should have 2
children. Agnes died in 1271 when she was only in her late teens
or in her only twenties!

On October 24th. 1273 Louis married for the third time. Then
Matilda of Habsburg (a daughter of King Rudolf I of Germany)
became his bride. They should have 4 children and finally she
would survive her husband.

Louis died on February 2nd. 1294, at the age of 64, in
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