Today in History / On This Day - April 24th. 1492 - Sabina of Bavaria

Sabina of Bavaria-Munich was born on April 24th. 1492. Her parents had been
Albert IV, Duke of Bavaria and Kunigunde of Austria. Sabina was the grand-
daughter of Frederick III, Holy Roman Emperor and Leonor of Portugal.

Sabina of Bavaria - Source picture: Wikipedia

At the age of 6 she was promised to Ulrich of Württemberg. The two got
married when she was 15! They would have 2 children.

This marriage really became unhappy, due to Ulrich's violence. Finally
Sabina was forced to flee from Württemberg. She left her children behind
and found shelter by her two brothers in Munich.

In 1551 her son Christoph inherited the throne of Württemberg. Sabina moved
to Nürtingen. This was the official widow's residence of the Württembergs.

Sabina of Bavaria died on August 30th. 1564.

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