Happy Weekend Picture - Grand Place in Brussels - Belgium

Every year I visit regularly the capital of Belgium: Brussels.

During the month of August, the Royal Palace is open for public. Besides that
I really like the Grand Place, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Architecture Brussels Grand Place Belgium
City Hall @ the Grand Place in Brussels - Own picture

In the 10th. century, Charles, Duke of Lower Lorraine constructed a fort, which 
was the seed for Brussels.

A document from 1174 even mentioned the existence of a Lower Market. This
was very well located on a busy road, who connected the wealthy Rhineland and
the County of Flanders.

At the beginning of the 13th. century there were 3 indoor markets and these 
buildings belonged to the Duke of Brabant. 

Between 1401 and 1455 the Town Hall was built. To counter this municipal power
the Duke of Brabant built a large stone building across the Town Hall to show the
Ducal power. This building was known as the King's House although no King really
has lived there.

Architecture Brussels Grand Place Belgium
King's House - own picture

As you can see the Town Hall and the King's House look a bit the same, so
I'm always confused between the two but the facades really are beautiful.

On August 13th. 1695 the French army started a bombardment of Brussels
to draw the Leage of Ausburg.

The Leage of Ausburg was a European Coalition between Austria, Bavaria,
Dutch Republic, England, the Holy Roman Empire, Ireland and the Palatinate
of the Rhine, Portugal, Savoy, Scotland, Spain and Sweden. It was formed to
halt King Louis XIV of France's expansive policies.

The square was rebuilt during the following years. There also came some
city guilds. These buildings had an amazing style: the combination of
Gothic, Baroque and Louis XIV styles.

Architecture Brussels Grand Place Belgium
some guilds - own picture

Nowadays the Grand Place of Brussels attracts many tourists from all over
the world. It really is a very nice place to visit.

With this post I want to wish you a very Happy Weekend and a good start
of the brand new week.

I also want to thank you for the likes, the nice comments and the reshares
of my blogposts on Google+ and on Twitter.

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