1815-2015-Remembrance Battle of Waterloo - opponents of Napoleon Bonaparte - Peregrine Maitland

Peregrine Maitland was born on July 6th. 1777 as the eldest of five sons
of Thomas Maitland and Jane Mathew. His birth took place at
Longparish House in Hampshire.

At the age of 15 Maitland entered the army, he joined the 1st. Foot Guards.
In 1794 he served in Flanders. After that Maitland was promoted to lieutenant.

At the Peninsular war, Maitland served at the Battle of Vigo and at Corunna,
there Maitland won a medal.

In 1803 Maitland married for the first time. His bride was Louisa, daughter of
Sir Edward Crofton, 2nd Baronet. Louisa died in 1805. They would have one

In 1815 he married at the headquarters of the Duke of Wellington in Paris.
Maitland 's bride was Lady Sara Lennox, daughter of 4th. Duke of Richmond.
They would have at least 7 children.

Maitland - Source picture: Wikipedia

Before his second marriage, Maitland served in Quatre Bras during the
Battle of Waterloo as Major General. His 'First Corps' was under the overall
command of the later King William II of The Netherlands.

On the second day Maitland commanded two battalions of the Foot Guards,
On June 18th. Maitland let the Guards in repelling the French Imperial Guard
of Napoleon Bonaparte.

For his service at Waterloo Maitland became Knight Commander of the
Order of the Bath. He also received the Order of William (Dutch) and the
Order of Vladimir. The First Foot Guards were honored too. They received
the name First or Grenadir Regiment of the Foot Guards.

In 1818 Maitland was appointed to become governor of Canada. This ended
in 1828. Maitland became then lieutenant-governor of Nova Scotia till 1834.

Later Maitland went to India to become chief of the Madras Army.

Finally in 1844 Maitland was appointed governor of Cape of Good Hope,
but he was removed during the Xhosa War.

In 1852 he was made Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Bath.

Even Victor Hugo mentioned Maitland in his novel  'les Misérables'.

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