Early Weekend picture - Comics in Belgium - The Red Knight

History books always interest me, but I admit, I have a weakness for comics.
Luckily Belgium has a lot of good comic books. At the picture you can see the
statue of the Red Knight (in Dutch: Rode Ridder) near the beach in Middelkerke.

comics belgium red knight

Red Knight - Rode Ridder - Own picture

In Middelkerke, every year there even is a comic festival! At the dike there are a
lot of statues from comic characters, which you can see all the time.

The Red Knight is a comic with the character called Johan. He is known by his
red tunic. Johan's character embodies the chivalric ideal. He is brave, virtuous and
loyal. In the comics Johan had to fight against bandits, ruthless noblemen or magicals.

He would have lived at the Castle of Horst, as a member of the family of the
lords of Rode (Rode is derived from ... Red).

With this sunny Early Weekend Picture I want to wish you all a very happy weekend
and a good start of the brand new week.

I also want to thank you very much for all your nice comments, the reshares, the likes
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