Happy Weekend Picture of the Schliersee near Munich in Germany

One of the hidden gems in Germany is the relaxing and amazing Schliersee.
This beautiful place on earth is located 53 km near Munich in Upper Bavaria.
From the Schliersee you can see the Bavarian Alps. I had the chance to visit
this lovely place in May 2014.

Schliersee Bavaria Germany

own picture of the Schliersee

The Schliersee already was mentioned in a document of 779, this piece of 
paper confirmed that 5 brothers 'Slyrse' founded a monastic cell, 
consecrated by bishop Arbeo of Freising. This foundation was probably 
destroyed in the 10th. century. 

In the 15th. century this area was ruled by the Counts of Waldeck and after 
a long dispute Wolfgan Maxlrain aquired the region (1516). 
This family ruled Schliersee till 1734.

The first boom of tourism came in the 19th. century due to a train
connection with Munich (August 1st. 1889). 

Since 1880's skiing took place in the alps around Schliersee.

Besides the lake there also is a town called Schliersee.

Schliersee Bavaria Germany

Schliersee - Own picture

Nowadays there still is a train connection between Munich and the Schliersee.
Since 1998 the Bayerische Oberland Bahn (BOB) delivers this service. My
husband and I took the train in the weekend and it really was crowded.

Bayerische Oberland Bahn Train

Bayerische Oberland Bahn (BOB) at the Schliersee

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