The Netherlands - Soestdijk Palace and Waterloo

Not only in Belgium there are traces derived from Napoleon Bonaparte.
Soestdijk Palace, located in Baarn (The Netherlands) has a huge link
to Napoleon Bonaparte and to Waterloo.

old picture @ Soestdijk - Source: Wikipedia

First of all, when  Louis Bonaparte, brother of Napoleon Bonaparte,
became King of Holland (June 5th. 1806) he took possession of the
Soestdijk Palace. He extended the palace and refurnished it.
Louis Bonaparte stayed King till 1810.

In 1815 Crown Prince William (the later King William II) fought as
commander of the I Allied Corps in Quatre Bras (June 16th. 1815)
and at the Battle of Waterloo (June 18th. 1815).
There the Prince became wounded.

Sources described him as short and skinny and in the army he 
received the nickname: 'Slender Billy'.

As recognition for his participation in the Battle of Waterloo,
William was offered Soestdijk Palace by the Dutch People.

Do you want to know more about King William II of The Netherlands,
who married Anna Pavlovna of Russia: check my old post on this link

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