OTD 12 June 1775 Karl Freiherr von Müffing

Friedrich Karl Ferdinand Freiherr von Müffing, also called Weiss was born on
June 12th. 1775 in Halle.

In 1790 Müffing entered the Prussian Army, later he was promoted and assigned
to the general staffs, he served inter alia with:

General von Wartensleben;
Frederick Louis Prince of Hohenlohe-Ingelfingen;
and not at least General Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher.
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von Müffing - Source picture: Wikipedia


From 1792 till 1795 he fought in France against the Revolutionary armies.
From 1797 till 1802 Müffing helped to improve the maps of Northern Germany.
In 1799 he wrote some notes in a  military encyclopedia.

Later Müffing participated in many famous fights. When Napoleon Bonaparte
came back in 1815, all European armies were ready.

Müffing became an officer at the British headquarter, he had to coordinate the
strategy of the Battle of Ligny.

After Napoleons second abdication Müffing became governor of Paris.
Later he was the Prussian envoy at the headquarter of the
Duke of Wellington.

In 1818 Müffing participated at the Congress of Aachen and he received the
the Komtur of King William I of Orange.

In 1820 Müffing became chief of staff of the Prussian Army.

In 1847 Müffing retired from the army. He died on January 16th. 1851
in Erfurt.

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