Today in History - June 17th. 1784 - General Frederick Adam

Frederick Adam was born on June 17th. 1784 in Scotland as the 4th son of
William Adam of Blair Adam and Eleanora Elphinstone.

Source picture: Wikipedia

Already at the age of 14 he entered the British army. He trained at the artillery
school at the Royal Arsenal, Woolwich. In 1795 he became the first lieutenant
and a year later he was promoted to second lieutenant.

Under Ralph Abercomby he took part in the battles in The Netherlands and
even in Egypt.

In 1814 he was made Major General.


On June 18th. 1815 Frederick Adam commanded the 3rd. brigade in the
Henry Clinton's (one of the British lieutenant generals) 2nd. division.

During a crisis moment Adams 52nd Light Foot performed a left wheel to
enfilade the flank of the French Imperial Guards, while the British guards
engaged the head of the column.

So the French came under fire by two sides, the French took a brief resistance
and later they had to flee.


From 1817 till 1824, Frederick Adam continued his career in the army. Between
1824 and 1832 he became Lord High Commissioner of the Ionian Isles.

His order of the construction of public buildings on Corfu was much appreciated
by the locals. He even received a statue in Corfu Town (which I saw in 2013)
He also became governor of Madras (now located in India).

In 1846 he became general.

corfu town statue
own picture of the statue of Frederick Adam


While returning home (after a visit to Greenwich) Frederick Adam collapsed
in a train carriage and died from a stroke on August 17th. 1853. 

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