OTD 18 June 1815 Lieutenant General Thomas Picton died at Waterloo

Thomas Picton was born on August 24th as the 7th of 12 children of
Thomas Picton of Poyston and his wife Cecil Powell. This event took
place in Pembrokeshire in Wales.

Sir Thomas Picton - Source picture: Wikipedia

In 1772 Thomas Picton received an ensign's commission in the
12th. Regiment of the Foot, however he joined 2 years leater.

At that time his regiment was stationed at Gibraltar. There he
became captain in 1778, then he returned to Great Britain.

5 Years later the regiment was disbanded. In 1794 Picton went out
to the West Indies. Sir John Vaughan, the commander in chief
pointed him as captain in the 17th. Foot. Shortly afterwards Picton
was promoted as major in the 58th. Foot.

Travel for work

Picton was in Saint Lucia, Trinidad and Tobago.

Europe again

In 1810 Picton was appointed by Wellington to command a
division in Spain.


On June 18th. 1815 the big Battle of Waterloo took place
(in case you don't know it yet).

When Napoleon sent in the Compte d'Erlon's corps to attack
the Anglo-allied center of La Haye Sainte at 13h30, Picton
launched a bayonet charge on the advanced French column.
There he was shot through the temple by a musket ball.

His last words were "Charge! Charge! Hurrah! Hurrah!"

His boddy was brought home in London and burried in the
Family vault at St. George' s Hanover square.

There are a lot of:
places named in his honor.
portraits of him

He even was a character in the movie Waterloo from 1970.

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