Today in History - June 30th. 1538 - Charles II, Duke of Guelders

Charles of Egmond was born on November 9th. 1467 in the Netherlands
as the son of Adolf of Egmond and Catherine of Bourbon.

Charles of Egmond - Source picture: Wikipedia

His Family

The House of Egmond (also written Egmont) was named after the Dutch
town Egmond which was located in North Holland.
It played a very important role during
the Middle Ages.

This family gained a lot of importance during the Burgundian era and
the era of the Habsburg.

Did you know that the first wife of William the Silent was Anna van

Interesting Facts

Charles was raised at the Burgundian court of Charles the Bold, who had
bought the Duchy of Guelders from Adolf of Egmond in 1473.

Later Charles fought several battles against King Charles VIII of France,
till he was taken captive during the battle of Béthune in 1487.

Then a huge twist broke out between King Maximilian of Habsburg
and the French King and Charles played a role in it.

First the citizens of Guelders (one of the lands that Emperor Maximilian
of Habsburg had gained) chosed Charles as their Duke. This received the
support of the French King.

But then Charles was taken captive again, this time by
Philippe the Handsome, the son of Emperor Maximilian of Habsburg.

Charles accompanied Philippe the Handsome by his coronation in
Antwerp. Then Charles could escape. In 1513 he could take control of
the Duchy of Guelders. And his conflict against the Habsburgs

Between these things Charles married in 1519 a young girl:
Duchess Elisabeth of Brunswick-Lüneburg

In the Treaty of Gorinchem (1528), Emperor Charles, son of
Philippe the Handsome recognized Charles of Egmond as
Duke of Guelders.

In 1536 there was peace between the Duchy of Guelders and

Charles died on June 30th. 1538 in Arnhem (now located in the
Eastern part of the Netherlands).

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