Today in History - June 3rd. 1843 - King Frederick VIII of Denmark

June 3rd. 1843 marks the birth of Christian Frederick, the later
King Frederick VIII of Denmark. His parents had been
Christian IX of Denmark and Louise of Hesse-Kassel.

After his confirmation in 1860, Frederick received a military
education. Later he studied at the University of Oxford.

When King Christian IX ascended the throne, Frederick became
Crown Prince and he returned to Denmark. There he sat in the
State Council and he helped his father with the duties of the

Especially Louise of Hesse, Frederick 's mother, was worried to find a
good partner for all her children. She studied all suitors carefully.

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Possible candidates

Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom had two unmarried daughters
but she didn't like that they should marry a crown prince, then her
daughters had to live abroad.


In 1868 Frederick of Denmark was invited to Sweden, there he met the
17 years old Princess Louise of Sweden, again. This meeting became a
great success. The marriage would be very important as a way of creating
friendship between the two countries. This was a symbol of Scandinavism.

On July 28th. 1869 the couple married at the Royal Palace in Stockholm.
After their marriage, the two lived at Amalienborg Palace in Copenhagen
and they spent the summers at Charlottenlund Palace. They had four sons
and four daughters, however the marriage wasn't happy at all and it hadn't
any effect on the relationship between the two countries.


On January 29th. 1906 Frederick became King of Denmark as
Frederick VIII. At that time he was 62 years old and he had been
Crown Prince for 43 years.


Frederick died on May 14th. 1912. When King Frederick came back from
a trip to Nice, he made a short stop in Hamburg. At the evening of his
arrival, Frederick took a walk on the Jungfernstieg. He collapsed on a park
bench and died.

Like other members of the Danish Royal Family, he was buried in the
Roskilde Cathedral near Copenhagen.

Royal Family

King Frederick VIII of Denmark, is the ancestor of many European Royal
Families inter alia:

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