Today in History / OnThisDay - June 26th. 1681 - Hedvig Sophia of Sweden

Princess Hedvig Sophia Augusta of Sweden was born on June 26th. 1681 at the
Three Crowns Castle in Stockholm as the eldest child of King Charles XI of
Sweden and Ulrike Eleonora of Denmark.

Princess Hedvig Sophia of Sweden - Source picture: Wikipedia

However she was born at the Three Crowns Castle in Stockholm, Princess Hedvig
spent a lot of her childhood at Karlberg Palace. After the death of her mother in
1693 she was placed under the custody of her grandmother Hedvig Eleonora of
Holstein-Gottorp. Princess Hedvig Sophia also was taken care by
Juliana Schierberg, who became her confidante.

Princess Hedvig Sophia was described in the history books as beautiful
and she studied very well. She also liked painting and singing.
People called her the "Happy Princess".

On May 12th. 1698 Princess Hedwig Sophia married her cousin,
Frederick IV, Duke of Holstein-Gottorp. This marriage took place against
her will and it became not happy at all. She even didn't like the life of her
husband before their marriage...

They would have one son called: Charles Frederick, Duke of Holstein-Gottorp,
who married later Grand Duchess Anna Petrovna of Russia.

In 1698 Princess Hedvig Sophia stayed in Gottorp-Holstein for almost a year,
while her husband visited his lovers in Hamburg and she had to return to
Sweden, there she had a lot of political influence at the court of her brother.

On October 18th. 1702 Princess Hedvig Sophia became a widow, and the
regent of her minor son for the Duchy of Gottorp-Holstein. However, she
stayed in Sweden. Princess Hedvig Sophia left the daily affairs of the duchy
over to an uncle of her husband: Christian August of Gottorp-Holstein, but
the important things were always confirmed by her.

As a widow she was often the object of marriage plans, among the candidates
were the Prince of Hanover (the later King George II of the United Kingdom).
She refused to marry again, instead she started a relation with a young courtier
called count Olof Gyllenborg. This relation was known by the public, although
disliked by her grandmother.

Princess Hedvig Sophia died on December 22nd. 1708 at the age of 27 in
Stockholm, Sweden.

She was inter alia the grandmother of Tsar Peter III of Russia.

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