Royal Destination - Tegerensee located in Bavaria, southern Germany

Tegerensee, a beautiful and royal spa town is located in Bavaria, southern Germany.

Tegerensee Bavaria Germany
Bahnhof Tegerensee Bavaria Germany

The recorded history of the town started in the 6th century AD with the
arrival of the Bavarians. The region was ruled by the noble family of the

Later the Tegerensee was known for his abbey. This was founded in 746,
by the brothers Adalbert and Ottokar. They were members of the family

In the 10th. century the abbey received from Pope Paul I the relics from

Tegerensee Bavaria Germany
Summer Residence of the Bavarian Royal Family Tegerensee in Germany

In the 19th century this abbey was acquired by the Bavarian Royal Family. 
The Wittelsbachs made it their summer residence. This is called:
Schloss Tegerensee. The present owner is Prince Max, Duke in Bavaria.

Many important members of the Bavarian Royal family were buried here,
inter alia:

Duke Maximilian Joseph in Bavaria (father of Sisi);
Princess Ludovika of Bavaria (mother of Sisi).
Infanta Maria Josepha of Portugal (mother of Queen Elisabeth of Belgium)

Nowadays the Tegerensee lives from tourism. The lake serves as
recreational era and it is surrounded by Bavarian Alps.

Tegerensee Bavaria Germany
Tegerensee Germany 

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