Royal destinations - Rubens House in Antwerp, Flanders Belgium

A few weeks ago, I had the chance to visit the Rubens House
(in Dutch: Rubenshuis) in Antwerp.

Rubens House Antwerp Belgium
Rubens House Antwerp, Belgium

This was the former house and studio of the famous artist
Pieter Paul Rubens. Now it is a museum.
On this link you'll find more information about the museum. 

Pieter Paul Rubens was born on June 28th. 1577 in Siegen (now Germany).
His parents were Jan Rubens and Maria Pypelincks. 

Jan Rubens became a legal advisor of Anna of Saxony 
(wife of William of Orange) and later he was her lover. 
When this was discovered Jan was captured.

Later the family moved to Cologne and in 1589, two years after his
father's death Rubens mother took her family to Antwerp
There Pieter Paul Rubens learned his craft by Tobias Verhaecht.

In 1600 Rubens made his 'Grand Tour' and traveled to Italy. In 1603
Rubens had a diplomatic mission. He had to offer gifts from the court
of the Gonzaga family to the Royal Court of Philip III in Spain. He
returned to Italy in 1604.

Pieter Paul Rubens - Source picture: Wikipedia

In 1608 Rubens returned in Antwerp and there he was appointed as court
painter by Albert VII, Archduke of Austria and Infanta Isabella of Spain,
they ruled then the Low Countries.

From them he received a special permission to stay in Antwerp instead of
Brussels (there was their Royal Court).

On October 3rd. 1609 Rubens married Isabella Brant, daughter of a leading
citizen in Antwerp. They would have 3 children.

In 1610, Rubens gave the order for the construction of an
Italian Styled villa. It became an Italian Renaissance Palace with a
portico and a courtyard.

Inside Rubens House Antwerp Belgium painting
Painting of the Rubens House

In 1626 his wife died. 

Between 1627 and 1630 Rubens made some diplomatic missions, he
traveled between the Spanish Court and the Royal Court in England.

In 1630 Rubens married Helena Fourment, daughter of a silk merchant.
They would have 5 children.

On May 30th. 1640 Rubens died at his house in Antwerp. He was 
buried in the St. James' Church in Antwerp.

Rubens House Antwerp Belgium Gardens
Rubens House outside, Antwerp Belgium

After his death his Italian palace was sold. The city of Antwerp bought
it in 1937. After a strong renovation, the Rubens House is open for public.
It attrackts many tourist from around the world. 

Rubens House Antwerp Belgium Gardens
garden of the Rubens House - own picture

A visit

I visited this museum in the summer of 2015 on a warm day. This wasn't the
smartest idea because of course the Rubens House has no airco.

However I liked the Rubens House very much due to its splendid cultural

Besides the house, the courtyard and the garden are very worth to pay a

Inside it was a bit dark but the fact that Rubens himself
lived here and this splendid history makes a lot good.

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