National Day in Belgium - July 21st. 2015

No, this blogpost isn't written too early. Indeed July 21st. marks the National Day of
Belgium, but today there also are a lot of festivities. 

Monument Spa Belgium
Belgian monument in Spa

Already this evening, a concert will take place at the BOZAR palace 
in Brussels.The concert will be attended by King Philippe of the Belgians 
and his wife, Queen Mathilde and other members of the Royal Family.

Each year the King of the Belgians gives a speech on the occasion of the
National Day. In his speech King Philippe warned about the superficial
relations on the Internet. Meanwhile since now the Belgian Monarchy
has an official page on Facebook. Will there be one on Google+ too? :-) 

On July 21st. there will be several Te Deums, inter alia in Brussels,
Antwerp and Mons. Te Deum is a remembrance of the enthronement of
King Leopold I of Belgium.  

On the Twitter section of my blog, you can see some lovely pictures of  
King Philippe and his family.

In the afternoon of course the military Parade will take place in front of the
Royal Palace in Brussels. Despite the hoopla about the security of the
Federal Police they will participate!  

It was a beautiful parade but one member of the royal family found it 
quiet boring he took a snap. You can see the small movie on this link
(Comment in Dutch)

It also is interesting to know that July 21st. is a public holiday in Belgium,
although a lot of interesting buildings are open in Brussels, inter alia the
cabinet of the Prime Minister of Belgium & that's very unique! 

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