Today in History - July 13th. 1766 - Amalie Christiane of Baden. Long wedding negotiations with no result

Amalie Christiane of Baden was born on July 13th. 1766 in Karlsruhe as
the eldest daughter of Charles Louis of Baden and his wife
Amalie of Hesse-Darmstadt.

Amalie of Baden - Source picture: Wikipedia


Amalie was the twin sister of Caroline of Baden, who became later
Queen consort of Bavaria. She also was the sister of Elizabeth Alexeievna,
Empress of Russia and Frederica, who became Queen consort of Sweden.

Wedding negotiations

First of all Amalie 's aunt, Frederika Louise of Hesse-Darmstadt, Queen consort
of Prussia, wanted that her son, the later Frederick William III of Prussia
married her niece. However he didn't show any interest in his cousins of Baden.
Against the will of his mother Frederick William III of Prussia married
Louise of Mecklenburg-Strelitz.

Meanwhile there were other candidates like:
Frederick, Hereditary Prince of Anhalt-Dessau;
William, who became later William IV of the United Kingdom.

In 1811 Amalie, who was already 35 years old, visited the court in
Vienna. Emperor Franz I wanted to match his brother, Archduke Charles
with a princess of Baden. But Charles didn't have any interest in Amalie.

In 1816 Amalie was back in Baden, Eduard August, Duke of Kent and
Strathearn came on a visit to Karlsruhe. He didn't show any interest in
Amalie neither, so there became no engagement.


Amalie died on October 26th. 1823 in the arms of her mother.

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